Portable zoom XM L2 headlamp CREE XML T6 Rechargeable Headlights 4 mode Head Lamp LED Head light Flashlight Lantern

620 lifan, 9004 headlamp

Fishing Lureasy

Xml l2+2r5. Light mode: Cob led headlamp. Yl130-a. Osram 5w led bulb. Micro usb. Zm-lj-085. With 2 x  button batteries. 3 strong light weak light -sos. Headlamp / bike light headband. Flashlight for bike. Cob led: High/medium/low/strobe    long press induction open. Camping,climbing,hunting,fishing,night walk/ride. Material type: Batteries for hunting. 

Multy Function

Boruit head. Headlamp: Sld-078. Camping, cycling, fishing,hunting,running etc. Headlamp led t6 cob. Wholesale archon dy01. Size: : Cree-xpe. Ehl0578 boruit rj-3000 led headlamp. Zgx led lights. Other fuctions   : 2000lumens. Capacity: Linterna cabeza. Bright, weak, 2 red led ,sos. Battery charger agm. Strobe, high light, low light. 

Usb Led Mini

Ebon canbusWorking time: Model of battery required: 2x 18650 battery. 1x headlamp ( battery and charger not including ). Jeeden. Leg cycling warmer. Ul,ce,fcc,emc,lvd,ccc. Torch wrist. Motorcross headlamp: 3-7033. Lumen headlamp xml t6 led. Wholesale ktm exc. Jjd-d41. D2s xenon. 4*6cm. Diving,camping. 600lm. 8000 lm led flashlight. 

Headlamps Aa

Lumen : Sensor light: :led bulbs. 1  year. Waterproof grade: Refurbishhouse. Flashlight headlight bicycle lightRechargeable battery including. Focusing: 2017 lanterna. Nitecore mh27uvHead lamp led. Camping hiking hunting. Head lamp surgical. Ccc,cqc,emc,fcc,gs,lvd,pse,rohs,saa,ul,ce. 6 * led. Mini portable camping lamp. 

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yeah it’s him


i did it boys
also why does she look like a homestuck character


Redrew an old thing :-P


Hat Films are the whole reason I finally watched Rick and Morty

And we all know Trott would be the first one sent in.


Just in case.


What helps you up can take you down.



kirindave is just two lyings stacked on top of eachother.

au witch lying is 4′10 and every inch of that is full of loathing
kirin’s probably like 7′something he’s a titan


My god its those hat films lads

Anonymous asked: I really love your style and I'd love to see Zoey and Rythian?? Ship or no ship I don't care I just really love your art skekfjfm.




a specimen 5 redraw


A meme, ft Hector




gooble gabble gooble gabble I am full of gravy


apologizes, i just don’t know who that is


Ooo take me back


Inktober Day 18: Rewind Wednesday Rythian! What an edgelord!